Sites In Texas Hill Country

Can you figure out what this is? Yes it's a camel! A couple of weekends ago my hubby and I went for a drive. We enjoy driving the back roads, because obviously there is so much more to see. Case in point, camels in someones front yard! I had to stop and take pictures. But of course by the time we turned around and I ran across the highway, climbed on the fence to take the picture, they (the camels) started marching to the back yard. I only got their back side.
All I can say is Only In Texas! lol!


  1. Oh cute! Camels, llamas...whatever. People now a days have everything. Sounds like a fun day with hubby.


  2. Having seen the front end of a number of camels, I have to say the back end is much more interesting...have you seen the lips on those suckers?!?! :)

    Have a happy weekend and a lovely Valentine's Day my sweet! ♥