Sneek Peek

Tada! Here is what I've been working on for the past few weeks. Remember a couple of weeks ago I stated that I was working on a new project.....Take a peek. I have not decided what to call it yet. If you can't tell what it is.... it's a tote. I've made one other one as well because I thought I should have more then one to offer when I list it in my Etsy shop. But I goofed it up a little......I'm sooooo upset. My brain has been a scrambling with ideas. My hands can't seem to work fast enough. I've been sewing and cutting and having all kinds of fun designing. I'm sort of at a stand still so think I'll regroup and list this by itself. I think....hehe. I'm so undecided!
Today will not be a good day for me, because I have to start taking that awful stuff in preparation for my colonoscopy tomorrow. YUK!!! I'm not looking forward to that. I'm only trying to get in as much work this morning before the you know what kicks in! Wish me luck!


  1. O...M...G!!! charlie!!! this is AWESOME!!! oh man ... you are one talented lady! i love the idea of using your own painting on that bag ... it's so pretty and whimsical and one of a kind :) did you do an image transfer on the fabric? are you gonna do more stuff with your paintings? like transfer it on an apron ;) or towels ;) even pillowcases ;) wouldn't that be awesome to have your paintings on your range of home products???

  2. Wow Charlie, this IS cool! Totes and bags are one of my favorite accessories to collect and wear.

    Good Luck on the Yuck tomorrow!
    xox, Lisa

  3. Love it Charlie! My daughter did that once on her pillowcase. Luthien is right...start your own houseware line with your art. You'll be fine for tomorrow..just get past the yucky part. I'll be thinking of you.


  4. You are amazing...I love the tote!

    I think you make some aprons too :)

    I just had my colonoscopy last year and it was a piece of cake!


  5. This is so cool, what a great idea, and I love the quote that you put with it and how all the colors work to present the art at it's best! I'll bet it flies out of your Etsy shop!
    Good luck with your test today!

  6. I love that this sold almost as soon as you listed on etsy!! :) It's gorgeous.

    As for the colonoscopy...hope all went well. They aren't fun but necessary...

  7. I hope everything went well with your procedure and you're feeling all better! I adore the tote you've created (I could tell immediately what it was), it's SO darling and I totally understand about your head being so filled with ideas you can't create them fast enough!

    Here's wishing you loads of success with your new creations!♥