Autumn Flowers

Thanksgiving Flowers
 I thought it would be nice to enjoy these fall flowers a little bit longer. These were my centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table this year. They still look fabulous. It's still autumn after all. I know the Christmas / Holiday season is in full swing but geeezzz I want to enjoy fall a little longer. I'm going to start decorating the house for Christmas this week. My husband did the yard this weekend. We decorate right after Thanksgiving every year because things get so hectic so fast  and it's so much work to put Christmas decorations upthat I like to have them around for more then a week or two. So enjoy these for now because things are going to change quickly. :))))))

On another note hehe...I'm doing the cyber monday sale over at Etsy. All of my broken china charms, pendants and earrings are on sale. 
Here is the link 

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  1. Beautiful flowers Charlie!

    I can't do too much decorating like I normally do since our house is on the market. Our realtor wants us to keep the decorating to a minimum. Meanie!