Day Of The Dead

Day of the dead alter

Today is Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. This is my little alter for my parents. 
I wanted to do a "day of the dead" painting for mom and dad.  Mom passed so recent and making art has been so therapeutic, I thought doing one would be nice.  However, I could not make myself put skulls in the painting. I just couldn't, so the painting turned into more of a vintage wedding photo than a day of the dead painting.
I made some sugar skulls and painted them. The alter can have their favorite foods, pictures of them and so on.


  1. This looks so nice and the cookies look great! You did a wonderful job on your alter to honor them.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to them! Your painting is beautiful! I make have been making a new painting each year for my mom to help heal my heart. The healing from the loss is a process. All my best,Theresa

  3. This is wonderful, and I personally like it better without skulls. Maybe that's not traditional, but who said art HAD to be traditional? This is lovely and I love how "vintagey" you made them and the arches behind them.....I just love this! And the platter looks very Frida to me, I love that too. Keep on keepin on with your art, I know it must be so soothing for you.
    BIG hugs,

  4. This is a lovely painting Charlie, and a wonderful tribute to your parents. I adore the sepia tones and your Mom's eyes are so blue and beautiful :)