Jr. Bridesmaid

Another page from my art journal "new year new me". This turned out to be a really nice healing exercise. I was a Jr. bridesmaid for my sisters wedding years ago. I was too old to be a flower girl and too young to be a bridesmaid. I had a little bit of a traumatic experience during the wedding. Not sure I will write about it here but it's all there under the paint. I love  how I can write about it in a journal then cover it up with paint. That way I don't have to be embarrassed about it all over again but at least get it out and turn it all around and go on. 

I'm so glad the weather is nice. I'm able to work in my studio again where all my paints are. I've been working in the yard too. It's killing my back. I love yard work but I have to be careful. I don't know when to stop and then it's too late. Then my back is beyond just resting a bit. There is so much to do, everything is dead.
I have a secret heehee. I wish I could tell, but my husband would die if he knew I was telling the whole world. It's been all I can think about and I can't wait. It will be told eventually.


  1. oh your leaving us with that?! You've got to let it out! I only like secrets if I know them ;)

    I know what you mean, I haven't done anything all winter and this weekend was so nice so I got outside and started raking and pulling weeds and today I can hardly move. Happens every year. I never learn, just so much to do!

    I have a giveaway I'm calling "The Sisterhood of The Traveling Book" that you may find is fun, come on by and join in! Your artwork would fit right in :)

    Happy Creating,

  2. Ooh, you know how to keep us coming back for more!! A secret! Do tell!

    It's nice you can begin working outside. Today we have more snow on the ground, so it's a month or so away for us. Be careful of your back. I know how it is, my back acts up every once in a while.

    I love your journal page and your Texas girl also. Good for you for keeping up with your journal. I've been in a slump, my muse nowhere in sight, so I have to get busy and rekindle some creativity!

  3. Lovely journal page. Take care with your back. Its been raining here again or too cold to be outdoors our lovely early spring was not destined to stay. I'll wait for its return. lol indoors painting. xo ~Theresa

  4. I am loving all your journal pages- each one is special in it's own right! I find it amazing how making art is often like therapy........
    And as for your secret, you KNOW no one here would tell....:D

  5. Beautiful art work; so pretty. And I like the way we can have our secrets hidden under layers of paint.
    Talking of secrets my imagination is wondering what yours may be.
    Lovely blog & art work.
    Kat :-)