Texas Girl

 I really want to do her on a canvas or board, but this one on watercolor paper turned out so cute I don't know now. This cold weather we have been having lately has really put me in a funk. All I want to do is draw and practice faces. I finally made myself put this face on watercolor paper and do something with it. So I'm happy now.
Rodeo is going on in San Antonio. It goes on for a couple of weeks. It's a big deal, lots of concerts and such. Hence the inspiration for Texas Girl. And yes we Texas girls do wear cowboy boots. I love mine. I guess the one I do on canvas will have to include boots.  My head is spinning with ideas.
Enjoy the weekend and wow Valentines is Monday. Me and my hubby will be celebrating it tonight because he will be out of town. :( on Monday.


  1. Hey Charlie - I saw you had snow in San Antonio. Our CEO sent out a company-wide email of his 4x4 without a half inch of snow on!!

    Going to work is like nipping over to Texas - not only is the company HQ in San Antonio, but my boss is from Dallas! She was once Miss Dallas!

  2. Hi Charlie, I love your gal she is so cute & she has one hot pistol! You could always scan and incorporate her into another piece of artwork too~ Have a wonderful time with hubby & Happy Valentines Day to you! ~Theresa

  3. I love your girl- her eyes are so sparkling and confident!
    And me too, I'm over this cold weather- we had spring like temps all weekend and I don't want to go back to winter!

  4. I love her Charlie!

    I flew down to see my girls last week and just got back so I am trying to catch up on my Blog visiting!


  5. This Painting is always my avatar.