Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes

I really, really do think the boxes are multiplying over night.

I'm having fun unpacking even though it's never ending. There will be another garage sale in the near future. I should have gotten rid of more stuff before we moved. I can't believe all the stuff I don't want in my new house. However this fabulous blue shelf is not going anywhere. 
Blue Shabby Shelf

 This shelf was in my garage in my old house as a dust collector. I love it... I'm so glad I kept it. It's just pure shabby sweetness.  I've got to have a shabby chic room. It's my style. I have no clue what else will go with it just yet, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. 

I'm sharing my studio with the extra bedroom and it's just about set up. It's not as much fun as my old studio at my old house but at least I'm not out in the garage anymore. There are plus and minuses for both places. 

I'm enjoying most everything about this move ......Unpacking, decorating, redecorating, hanging pictures, picking out window coverings, buying new furniture, the list goes on and on. Who wouldn't!!! Of course it would have been perfect if my husband would not have gotten sick. I guess nothing is ever perfect. 

My husband is doing so much better...but no surgery yet. He will not have it for about 3 more weeks. I hate we have to wait but thats just the way it is. 
In the mean time I'm enjoying my new life as much as I can.


  1. I love your blue shabby shelf! Sounds like you're having a ball settling in. Make sure to post pics of the studio once it's up and running :) Well wishes for your hubby.

  2. This shelf is fabulous!

    I love this picture of you and how happy you look. I can't wait to see more pics when you have things in place!


  3. Unpacking and realizing that in your new space you don't want some of the "old" space with you -- and you probably wouldn't/couldn't have known that until you were in your new space. Life is like that. But I love that you are prepared to let go of more "things" in order to make this new phase in life what it is meant to be. And I'm glad you are keeping the shabby shelf...it's gorgeous. As are you sitting in the middle of all your boxes...what a great smile.

    Charlie, keep that smile as the days and weeks progress. I wish your husband could have that surgery sooner too but 3 weeks is not too bad. It is the cloud in your otherwise sunny new phase...but you are the sunshine and your attitude is evidence of that. Keep smiling for yourself and for him...and know that many good thoughts and prayers are heading in your direction -- for both of you ♥

  4. That shelf is amazing!

    I'm glad your hubby is doing better. At least you have something to take your mind off of the coming surgery with all your unpacking/decorating/arranging :)