Home Sweet Home

Barn Swallow

Oh boy, we have a couple of barn swallows living above our front door. Of all places to build a nest, they had to pick a spot right where we walk each day. 
A place to raise a family!

I sprayed their nest down twice and they built this last one quicker then I can blink an eye, so I gave up. They are so cute anyway. I could not bare to do it again. I was only hoping they would get the message and go somewhere else. They are really persistent little birds.
I'm sure they will be dive bombing us when the babies hatch. 

Way up there on the pipe about the door is where they decided to build. There are no babies yet. 
On a side note we also have rabbits and coyotes. We have so much more wildlife here at my new home then our old place. I forgot how cute cottontails are. Max got away from me a couple of times chasing the rabbits down the hill. Luckily he is slow and did not go too far. I wish I could get some pictures of the rabbits playing leap frog with each other...they are so fun to watch. 
And then of course along with the nice sweet wildlife there are snakes! Which reminds me I have to get Max the rattlesnake vaccine. I have not seen any snakes yet but it's better to be on the safe side.

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