Live Fight Believe

Saturday we (my hubby and me) took a drive out to the hill country. It's a nice drive from SA with the top down on our car. We like to go to the winers mostly but there are so many other sites to see.
The "WildSeed Farm" is a favorite especially in the spring. The flowers are in full bloom. It's crazy beautiful right now.  I took a ton of pictures.

We are trying to get some fun time in before the therapy starts for the cancer. He is going on Interferon. Yuk. We are not looking forward to that. Hopefully he will not react to badly to it. They say some people don't have a lot of side effects.We are betting on that. The first month will be the worst. He will start sometime in May. The worst part is he has to do the therapy for a year. 

I feel so much better now that he decided to do the therapy. For a while he did not want to do it so naturally I was sort of freaking out... silently. Now that he has decided to do it I feel like he has a better chance of it not returning. I know it only adds about  10 % but that is better then nothing.

So we are moving right along with life. What else can one do but fight. I really think everything will be ok. 

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