Time for a Make-Over

I am in the process of doing a little make-over in my Etsy shop. This is my new banner. I have been debating in my head if I should change the name of my shop to "Vintage Charlie".  I've decided to say it this way instead......."Vintage Charlie by Charlotte's Collection".

Charlotte's Collection has been my company name since 1998. It is registered and I have my tax number with this name so I just could not dump it. I think Vintage Charlie will be a nice sub category for my company. I can not believe it's been so long since I first started my little business. I've been through many changes. I've rented little bitty booths to big huge booths in antiques shops. I then was part owner of a store called the "Arrangement". We sold antiques and decorative furniture and collectibles. Then I downsized to just renting a small booth again. A few years later I got out of the business all together but not for long. I could not stay away. I opened my Etsy store in 2008.

I want to get back into selling collectibles again. I will continue to make art and other crafty items like before. Our recent move revealed many things I forgot I had. It might be hard to part with some, but oh well. It's time they go.  I miss the treasure hunt. I don't want to become a pack rat like before. I hope to control myself a little better this time. TeeHee.
I've only listed a few items.
More to come.
Check it out here

Vintage Charlie


  1. I like the new banner and the idea of selling collectibles and vintage. Off to check you out !! :)

  2. Hi lady! I lover your new banner and vintage everything! I have been helping my mom get her shop ready to open on etsy with vintage goodies, also. Hers is called Duffies Doodads. I am in the process of showing her how to take photos for it. I love your wooden backgrounds. Very pretty. What size is that yellow pyrex bowl in inches? ;)