The Crows Nest

Slowly but surely, little by little the deck is getting done. We have had an unusual amount of rain for May. We had another rain out day this week. They probably would have been through by now but the rain put them behind. Still a lot to do in my eyes and we have to wait for the land design man to show up. They aren't going to finish the skirting until the land is leveled and pavers are put in. (This could take all summer. )

I really like the fact that we made two levels. We put the arbor over the top level only. We need some shade but at the same time I did not want to disrupt the view from the inside from the windows looking out over the lower level. I call the top level the crows nest. It will be our viewing area, to sit and relax with a nice cool drink.  The bottom level will have the table and chairs for eating and entertaining.

When they get the crushed granite or pavers or whatever they are going to do the bottom under the deck, they are going to close in part for a storage unit. They will leave most of it open for all of my old rusty furniture from the old house. I have a rusty lounger which I love and really miss. I have 6 bouncy chairs, two wrought iron tables with chairs. The list goes on and on. All this stuff is still at my sister in laws place out in the country. We took two flat bed trailer loads of this rusty outdoor furniture and decorations, yard equipment, etc. there when we moved out.

We still need to retrieve all of these outdoor treasures of mine....just waiting for this deck to get finished.


  1. I am loving this!! That is going to be a lovely place to sit when it's complete!