Curtains Deck And Landscaping

I just finished the curtains for my craft room/guest bedroom...Yea!
I'm so in love with the fabric. I got it from "Joann's". The print just reeks scrapbook paper. I originally went shopping for curtains for the toilet room but it was love at first sight when my eyes fell on this fabric. This fabric is so perfect for a window in a craft room.

Below is a picture of the existing deck in the back of our house. We are going to replace it with a bigger one. Renovations should start tomorrow. I cant wait! It's been six week since we contracted the deck builder. It took 3 weeks to get the plan approved by the HOA. I was so mad it took so long, because in the mean time the builder started on another project. I hate being put off and the HOA was just sitting on our plans doing nothing with them. It took a few phone calls and a lot of bitching for the HOA to get off their butts. But that is over and now I wait. I'll be very upset if they don't start on the deck tomorrow. If everything goes as planned I hope to blog about this renovation. :)

I'm also dealing with landscapers. We need some help landscaping. As you can see we live on a very steep sloop. The owners before us did nothing with it. I think I know one wants to do the work!
 I have called three different landscapers for bids so far. One never showed up..... par for the course. One took three weeks to send me a proposal through email that I don't understand and now wont call me back. The third guy came by last Wednesday and so far I have not heard anything from him. I'm about to pull my hair out. Why can't I find someone to do the work? I know this is the landscapers busiest time of the year, but come on!!!! It's not like I'm doing this by myself, my husband is the one talking to them, so it's not a macho guy thing dealing with a woman.
l'm wondering if people in other parts of the country have so much trouble finding contractors to do work. I had this problem at my old house. I think it's a San Antonio thing. I know friends in Houston don't have this problem.
It's back to the drawing board. I now have to look for a few more landscapers to come out to the house.

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  1. That fabric is YOU!!! It's as if you painted it and then had it printed onto fabric!

    That area would be a pain to landscape on your own so you obvious want a pro to do the to just get one. Hopefully the next one you contact with be "the one"!

    And I'm looking forward to seeing the deck take shape!