Day One Deck Renovations

This is what our old deck looks like on day one of our deck replacement adventure. They started bright and early at 8:00 am to demolish the old one.  It's a two man crew. At first it looked like it was going to rain on them but then I remembered we live in San Antonio. HAHA. No Rain!
I 'm very excited about it all. I love having people work for me. Does that sound bad? I know me or my husband could not do it, so better get a professional. Not much to talk about for day one. They started ripping it apart and bought the lumber. The End.

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  1. I too prefer to pay someone to do a job -- and know that what I am paying for is expertise and less of a headache than trying to figure out how to do it myself. I like to come up with the PLAN and then let it be executed by someone else. Having just gone through a reno I look forward to seeing the progress with your deck! :)