Party Dress Tags

I've had so much fun making these dress tags for my Etsy shop. I made 12, but selling them in groups of 3.
 Check out the others by clicking this link to my Etsy shop.

  I am so enamored with the 60's cocktail dress right now.  I know it's because I've been watching "Mad Men". I love that show. We started watching it on Netflix's because I did not want to start watching the series in season four. We are almost through with season three and are taping this season, season four or five not sure which season is happening now. I'm so inspired by the dresses they wear on that show. I just had to try to make some of my own somehow. One day I might make a real one to wear, but for now they are paper. 

The deck is stained! Yea! My kids did it Memorial Weekend. I am so blessed to have such wonderful children.

They aren't all my kids just my son. The other boy is my son's best friend and the girl is my son's girlfriend. It does not matter, they are my kids to me. They are so sweet. I love having them over. They did a great job. I'm so glad Ryan's friend is not scared of heights. Yikes!

Now we wait for the concrete man. I think it has been decided to pour a slab of concrete underneath. Then the deck guy will come back and put up the skirting. So much fun! I love this process. I just wish my husband felt better, so he could enjoy what is going on. He has three more treatments to go. It has not been easy for him, all he does is sleep. He feels like he has the flu, no energy and wont eat. It's been so hard on him he probably wont continue on with the rest of the treatments. He'll do these last three and then that's it. No one can live like this for a whole year. It's a scary decision but it's his and I support him. If there was a better chance with this treatment, it would be different. These treatments are only to help prevent the cancer from coming back. They think they got it all with the last surgery, but of course no one knows for sure. 

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  1. First your husband. I respect his decision as you do as's hard to know for sure but quality of life is vitally important and when people say "that's enough" -- they know. We all know our own bodies -- what more we can handle and while it's not an easy decision to make I'm glad that he is comfortable with his decision. xo

    Your deck looks amazing!!! And kudos to the young people who took on the job of staining it -- they did a great job! I love the look and can't wait to see it finished with the skirting.

    And your tags?? Loving these!! Especially the black and white ones which I just might have to put in my cart!!!! :)

    Here's to good weather and your husband feeling better after those last 3 treatments so he can get out on the deck with you and enjoy life! xoxo