Cute Bunny
Sweet Bunny
These cute bunny's are all over our neighborhood and our backyard. I love watching them. The other evening I saw one run lickety split from my neighbors front yard to the backyard. It was being chased by a bobcat. Wow! I was on our deck and I think the cat heard me because she stopped and looked up at me for a long time. She sat on a rock staring at me. I called my husband to come out and look. She stayed on the rock long enough for him to see her. Then she meandered off as if nothing. We know it was a bobcat because of the short tail. She was very slick and lean. I'm guessing it was a girl because she was not huge....just looked more like a female. I guess I saved the poor bunny for a little while....bad, bad, bobcat!


  1. Bunnies are cute, I just wish they were a little bit smarter. In the summertime I always hear them when they are caught by whatever animal is torturing the poor little things and it is not a pleasant sound. We don't have bob cats here that I'm aware of, but I think we do have owls.

    These are beautiful photos, I wish you got a picture of the bob cat, that would be neat to see.

    My name is Sarah, I'm a new follower.


    1. Hi Sarah,
      Oh gosh, I'm glad I don't hear anything like that going on. Poor things. It's bad enough knowing they are food for some predator. I wish I could have gotten a pic of the bobcat too. She left too quickly.
      Thanks for following me. I'm checking out your blog as well.