Project Deck Continued

Our deck project is still going full force. I'm so happy that the concrete was put in a lot sooner then expected. Yea!!!! 
Next on the list is to get the deck man back over to finish the skirting, which includes the storage unit.
I love the stain on the concrete. It really turned out nice. A lot nicer then when I tried it at my old house. 
There are so many decisions. I really don't want the deck builder to close in too much because we would like to utilize the bottom part for seating and entertaining. My fear is we will cut off the breeze. I don't like the look of the metal post and I dont' want to paint them either.  I"ll figure something out.

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  1. It's looking good!! The posts...what do you have there that will grow upwards, what vine? If you got some nice terra cotta pots and put in a climber that would help to camoflauge the posts and make it look like they are meant to be there for the plants and not to support the deck! Just a thought! :)