Deck Project

It's almost finished. All we have to do is stain the closed in part that is the storage unit. I'm really happy with it. The concrete is a little weird, but really not that big a deal. It's a little too slopped for my liking. But who am I to say. I'm not an engineer. They said it needs to be slopped for drainage.
It rained this morning which is great, so have to wait for it to dry before I can do more staining.
That means working in the studio making artsy crafty things. That will be fun.

I listed these cute little quilted patchwork wall hangings Friday. Check them out. I think they are neat.

Click the link below each photo and it will take you to each listing in my shop.


  1. I LOVE the deck -- it looks wonderful and it's going to bring you so much pleasure! While it may look 'odd' or not feel 'right' to you, the slopping concrete will be good for drainage and while you haven't been having a lot of rain, should the day come, you'll be glad you've got that.

    Love these little wall hangings too -- so stinkin' cute!!!

  2. Hi Charlie! Thanks for stopping by my blog to remind me to get my arse over here...I always enjoy you posts...I feel such an affinity with you. LOVE the new pink curls, LOVE! I always want to try something new with my hair too...I was getting a lot of greys, so I quit dying my hair to see how that would look, but it wasn't grey enough to be cool. I'll figure it out later on I guess. If this moving thing doesn't kill me! I remember reading all about your's true, I own everything in the house. The pots and pans, because I use them, the dishes because I wash them...the clothing because I wash it...Geeze!
    I sneak boxes of things out to donate when no one's looking, LOL.
    Funny how I turned this into my blog about me :)
    I think your new deck is amazing...adds a castle look and a cute little place to sit if you have rain. The patio slopes just like it should...I was told the same drainage excuse when we had a patio put in. Shims under the Flower pots camouflaged it for me. Love to you♥

  3. I am making a commitment to take every Friday morning and read Blogs more!

    I have a lot to catch up on!

    Your deck looks AMAZING. This is the prettiest one I have seen yet!