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These are some of the paintings I made to put in my friends cafe. 

Faux Mercury Glass Look

Here are more bottles using the Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Like Paint. This time with a can bought at Hobby Lobby not from the clearance section at Michaels. And all I have to say is OMG! What a difference! It sprayed like a dream. No clogging! My previous post was about my first attempt using this product but with a defective can of paint. I did not know this at the time. That's what I get for using something from the clearance section. :(
This time I had to distress them by using a mixture of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water. I did not have to do this before because the paint came out all distressed to begin with. I used the Stayzon ink like before and really like the effect. So happy with the results I want to spray everything.

Halloween Wine Bottle Tutorial Faux Mercury Glass Witches Potions

Today I'm doing a fun Halloween craft. I love to decorate for Halloween. I'm so excited this year and can't wait to have a party. I've been on pinterest looking for ideas and this tutorial was perfect. 

~~~The Faux Mercury Glass Look~~~

Start by saving bottles of all sizes. I only have wine bottles at this time. lol! 
I'm using a product by Krylon called "Looking Glass Mirror like Paint"  to get a tarnished mercury glass look.
I have to say I'm a little mixed about this product. The product needs to improve. I'm not sure if I can totally recommend it. 
I was told to get it at Michaels. The first Michaels I went to was out and they said it was discontinued.
I went to another Michaels and found the last one in the clearance section. I got the can for $1.87.
I'm glad I did not pay more for it. ( At Hobby Lobby they run for $11.00)

It was not easy to work. The nozzle kept clogging up! I had to clean it after spraying for only a few seconds each time. The instructions say to spray multiple layers. I guess because it's very runny.  I had to constantly turn the bottle as I sprayed so it would not run off. 
On the neck top part of the bottle the product would not stick at all so it was left clear. Needless to say I was not impressed. And there is paint in the can that I can not get out. 

With all this said and at the end of the day, I felt not all was lost. They really did not look bad and I started to like them more and more. That was when I had a brain storm and decided to use "StazOn Ink in the Timber Brown" to add another dimension and cover where this paint missed.
So I think they turned out really good. 

You can see in this picture where I rubbed the ink pad. I dabbed the neck area and rolled the bottom of the bottle on the pad itself.

 On pinterest I found this great site for these wonderful witches potions labels.
Click here to get these labels

I like the Harry Potter labels.

One other tip is to make sure you use clear bottles with this spay paint. These were clear and not the amber or green ones. I'm not sure how the paint would work on colored glass. 
For the colored glass wine bottles I'm going to spray paint them solid black. 

In conclusion I really like this look and will probably bite the bullet and buy another can at Hobby Lobby with a 40 off coupon. I hope the can I used was old or something like that. 
Once I figured out how to roll the bottle as I was spraying it worked better. I just do not like the fact that it clogged up so quickly.