Halloween Decorations

Halloween is coming. I know I'm early with the decorating, but you gotta buy early or everything is picked over. I had to go through my old decorations to see what I needed. The stuff was all over my house, so why not decorate. You will be happy to know I have not decorated my front door or outside yet. That can wait. 

I have to give a status update on my hubby. He had a pet scan a couple of weeks ago and everything is clear, so no cancer for now. I'm so happy. He will get a pet scan every six months, I guess for the rest of his life. We can rest easy now and pray it does not come back. Hopefully the treatments he took got rid of it all for good. I hate cancer. It hangs over your head even if it is gone. There is always the fear of it coming back. Having gone through this for the second time is so sobering. The first time he got it, he had the surgery. We thought it was gone for good. Now that it came back 2 1/2 years later even though they say it's all gone does not mean the same thing. I can not imagine how I would be acting if it was me. It's hard enough that it's my husband. But enough of this sad stuff. I'm just happy for now. I'm so glad the weather has changed. The holiday season has begun and I have a new house to decorate. Life is good. 
Happy October!


  1. What fabulous news for J!! And for you! It makes my heart so happy when I hear "all clear" after scans and tests. ♥

  2. Hi Charlie♥
    I am glad to hear the good news for you and your husband.
    Your decorations look great! I am inspired to make my own bottles, God knows there is no shortage of empty wine bottles here, lol.
    A new house to decorate...it is a great feeling, life IS good♥♥♥

  3. Hi Charlie! So glad all is well with your hubby even though there are lingering concerns. Just want to send hugs your way. Your decorations are fabulous.

  4. That witch sure looks like she'll cast a horrible magic spell if you touch any of the decors! I also loved the dead tree towards the right which provided a spookier feel to these decorations!