It's looking a lot like Christmas

Lights are up, Christmas tree is decorated, presents are wrapped and I even did a few Christmas decorating projects. I did the faux mercury glass on these wine glasses and Christmas ball ornaments. I love the look of hanging ornaments from the chandelier. I can see doing this every year and adding more and more. 
I had to revisit how to take photos of Christmas lights. Not too bad for not using a tripod. I can't stand to  drag that thing out. If I can't get a good shot without it, I just as soon not take them. Too much trouble and I cant get a good angle anyway.
Not much left to do but clean and cook, maybe add more lights to the front of the house. I've got a lot of lights that I could hang but I keep thinking of all this stuff I have to take down when it's all over. 
Do I really want to add more at this point?? Sigh! 

1 comment:

  1. I'm singing that song now... and I can hear Michael Buble in my head!

    Merry Christmas!!