Wow 2012 is almost over and what a crazy year it has been! I can not believe all that was packed into the year 2012.  I'm glad it is over. While it had a lot of positive happenings, it sure had a lot of negatives too. Somehow we got through them.
We finally settled into our new home. We did a ton of work to it. This year I want to take a break from the house and do something different. I'm not sure what yet.
I've been pondering different things, like doing some volunteer work. In general doing more things that get me out of the house.
The usual resolution like eating better is top on the list. The easiest thing I will be doing is cutting out margarine. No more fake butter. It's nothing but the real stuff for me from now on.
As always I want to spend more time developing my art. Speaking of my art I got inspired yesterday and created this little piece..."Snowbirds". I got inspired from a piece of tissue paper from one of my Christmas gifts. Funny how this happens. The background is made from this pretty turquoise tissue paper and matching tissue paper with white snowflakes. It was too pretty to throw away. I never throw out tissue paper anyway. I reuse it. I'm so frugal like that. The pretty stuff goes in my art supply stash.

I'm very excited about the new year. I look forward to what it might bring. I wish peace and love to all and may 2013 be the best year ever.


  1. A New Year is like fresh sheets on the bed...
    Your little birdy painting is so pretty, my favorite colors.
    I am happy to see you so excited about all of the possibilities this year holds.

  2. I saw your sweet little snow birds on the "Little Birdie" message from the Brave Girls Club. Just love them!

    So nice to hear that someone else collects tissue paper and other fun paper for art supplies. I'm a paper addict too. :-)