Altered Art Bottle

I've been seeing a lot of these altered art bottles on Pinterest lately, so I decided to do one of my own.
It's a lot like collaging only on a bottle. I did not want to use the faux mercury glass look on this bottle at this time, maybe next one. I did a lot of experimenting on this project. First of all I drizzled glitter glue inside the bottle, but it took forever to dry so not sure if I will do that again. Then I stuffed the inside with pink tissue paper and sprinkled more glitter in the bottle. I sealed the cap by soldering the cap and part of the neck. Doing this inspired me to buy a new soldering iron. My iron fizzled out a few years ago and this really upset me because I spent a lot of money on the darn thing. It was only two years old when it died. My advice is just buy a cheap one with as much wattage as you can get. I got mine at Hobby Lobby and used the coupon. It has 100 watts and works great.
Then the next thing to do is find pictures, old book papers and fun ephemera to use to decorate the outside of the bottle. It's a good way to use up some of that old ribbon and jewelry that's collecting dust.  I love to doodle so I doodled on mine.
Just have fun with it.
The next one will be sprayed with the Looking Glass Mirror like paint. I used this product on my Halloween bottles from a previous post.

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