Paint Glass with Elmers Glue To Get Seaglass Effect

I love Pinterest! I've pinned a lot of crafty ideas and DIY tutorials there. This project happens to be one that I wanted to try.
I was kinda skeptical at first.  I did not think it would work. I thought it would come out blotchy and runny. But I felt it was just too easy and cheap not to try.
I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. It's very easy and turns out great.
All you do is take a couple of tablespoons of Elmers glue and mix a couple of drops of food coloring together to make a paint. Brush it on with a sponge brush on the outside of the bottle. Then just leave it alone for a few hours or overnight so it can dry. The results are really nice.... so transparent.  I love it.
I used Starbucks bottles. My husband buys these by the case at Costco, so I have a load of them.
I only found these four in the trash can. Nothing like going dumpster diving in my own garage. But I will be doing more as I collect them. I can see these as cute single bud vases. Perhaps for Easter.

Just a warning on this tutorial. I love the look the glue/food coloring gives but it is not permanent.
You can not wash these. They will be ruined if any water comes in contact with the glue. :(


  1. I heard you can spray a clear coat on it? Probably would have to be a matte clear coat?

  2. I was thinking the same thing, Anonymous March 30..... spray with a clear lacquer to seal the pretty colors.