Here Comes The Bride

I guess I'm getting a little excited about my son's wedding. It's next April but the planning has already begun.
My daughter and I were invited to go with my son's fiancé to pick out her wedding dress.
So after the excursion I felt the need to make a pretty girl bride painting. This dress is similar to the one she picked out. It has a full skirt with a glittery brooch looking thingy at the waist.
I dont' think they will have a church wedding but I wanted one in my painting.
I did not have a church wedding and always wanted one. My daughter is not married yet. It does not look like my daughter wants a church wedding either...she wants to get married in Vegas. lol!

To me it looks messy because of the way I put the paint on the canvas, but I kinda like it.
And by the way it is for sale in my Etsy shop...
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