More Halloween Decorations

I had my Halloween party last Saturday! Yea! Had so much fun but did not take enough pictures. I was so intent on getting shots of each of my guest all dressed up in their Halloween costumes that I forgot to take shots of my food/ dessert table.
The above photo is a yet another pinterest inspired centerpiece. I bought the vase at a thrift store. Gosh I felt lucky to find it because these glass vases can get expensive. This one was in perfect condition. I feel the amount of candy I had to fill up this vase with was quite a lot, to say the least. And, I really had to search high and low for the peep ghost and pumpkins. I finally found them at JoAnn's, a fabric, craft store….of all places. A good tip is to use a paper towel roll in the middle to hold the branches and therefore take up a little space.

 I also made the ghost peep s'mores but did not get a photo of them, dang they were so cute!

These two dessert stands are my favorite. All I did was spray paint the dollar store clear glass candlesticks black and glued them to some cute melmac halloween plates. I found mine at the grocery store. Different size plates and colors add to the whimsey. Oh I forgot the bottom large green plate was a charger I decorated last year with stickers. Like always I use what I have. And the larger candlestick was a wooden one I found at a thrift store for .50 cents. Yea me.

This is one of the halloween aprons I made for my daughter and her friend. Like a dodo I forgot to take a picture of the second one. I was so excited about finishing it in time and getting it to her friend that I did not think about taking a photo. The other one was basically the same just different fabric, just as cute though.

And last but not least … dear, sweet friend gave me this Halloween wine glass,….a belated birthday gift.    I love it.      It's sooooo me!
Hopefully these ideas and my previous posts have inspired some of you ghouls out there to make your own halloween decorations. No need to buy fancy pre made decorations when you can do your own.
Have a fun, safe, 

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