Abstract Sort Of

It's more like therapy art. I have a desire to do more abstract, more intuitive paintings right now. Jerry's cancer has come back yet again, so I need some me time. It's kinda been crazy here….Doctors, surgery, radiation, chemo. It's enough to make your head spin and I'm not the one with the cancer.

However, love the color palatte. I think these colors work very well together. It's a fairly large canvas, which is very intimidating. I keep saying I can paint over it…which I can at any time…but every time I look at it….I'm satisfied with it. It's a keeper.
Need more big canvases 'cause I'm ready to do another.

But first I have to retake a million pictures because I was stupid and did not back up my photos for 6 months. That little voice in my head kept saying to back up…but did I listen… No.
And of course I had hard drive failure. Lost so much stuff! The only good thing is I'm still under warranty with apple care. I love, those Geniuses at the Apple store. As far as I'm concerned Apple has the best costumer service around. They are so nice and helpful. I took my computer there and within minutes they diagnosed the problem and computer was fixed in less then 24 hours. Only problem is they won't let me buy more warranty and my computer is just under 3 years old, so what does that tell you?
I'll leave you with that thought.


  1. OH I'm so sorry to hear about the return of the cancer. Cancer is the devil. I'm glad you're able to help soothe your soul with art at times like these. Your painting is beautiful and I like that color combo as well. I am also working on a large canvas at the moment and getting ready to do a sister painting to it - one very similar on the same size. Glad you got your Mac all fixed up, were you able to retrieve your files? I use Time Machine on mine... don't you? So easy, just get a dedicated external hard drive and let it do all the hard work. I don't have an Apple store anywhere near me, so I'm fortunate it hasn't had any problems. (knock on wood!)

    1. Jaime,
      So nice to hear from you.
      I do not have time machine. I just have an external hard drive that I drag files to for back up. I should bite the bullet and spend the $200.00 to get time machine. I know it does all the work for you. I feel fortunate to have an Apple Store so close to me. It's really only 10 minutes away. I can walk in without appointment and see someone right away. I hope it stays this way.

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