Valentines Day Red Apron

My word for this year is SAVOR! 
I know you are asking what does that have to do with this apron?
Or that I have this lovely red apron  listed in my Etsy shop :)
Well, well, the word SAVOR has more pizzazz then enjoy. Right?
Just look at this apron and imagine all the fun one could have with it. 
LOL! I love it!
Not only can I have fun with this apron I had fun searching for it.
I love the treasure hunt for items to sell in my Etsy shop.
But that is just one aspect for the word savor.
Each and everything I do from now on I'm going to savor the experience. I'm not letting a day go by or a moment go buy without really enjoying/savoring.
Good and bad it does not matter. Life is too short.
Still in my pi's, watching Rachael Ray while typing a post for my blog,
on a dreary, frigid, winters morning; are all priceless moments I want to remember. 
I'm savoring.

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