Hand Painted Bird Banner And Pillow

Lately I've been in the mood to garden and hang outside. I'm thinking our weather might have a bit to do with that. We have had a lot of rain this spring therefore the weather has been so unseasonably cool for Texas.
I'm kinda going crazy decorating my deck, but that's ok...I love it.
My little brain told me I needed lots and lots of pillows to sit out on the patio furniture. Then my little brain told me that I needed to hand paint some of my own. So I went to the fabric store where I get the stuff for my hand painted wearable art aprons and bought some indoor/outdoor fabric.  Well that indoor/outdoor fabric is not as easy to paint on as the stuff I use for my aprons, but I persevered. Then my brain said to make a bird banner....why??? because....I'm on some kind of bird kick.  Thought it would be cute to have a bunch of birds hanging out on the deck. The banner with birds reminds me of birds on a wire. At least these don't leave a mess. But wait I did not stop with a pillow and a couple of banners. Now I'm making a hand painted bird apron as well.  But it's not finished yet.  I'll post that one at another time.
The bird banner is for sale in my Etsy shop because I made two. One to keep for me and one for the shop. Sorry the pillow is not for sale. It looks too pretty on my deck and I am only making one more pillow for my daughter.
The weather is getting hot again! So glad I was able to enjoy the cool spring. Summer is almost here.

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