I'm Published

Oh my gosh! 
I've been published in Somerset Studio Gallery!

I just received my copy in the mail today and I'm doing the happy dance. There it is to the left.
It's in the summer 2016 issue, so it's probably not even on the shelves yet.
I'm in the Spotlight section on pages 18 and 19.

My "Listen to the Whispers of Your Heart" and "Thankful Girl" are featured along with a brief description of how I created them. I can't believe I got two pages. So cool! 
Somerset has such a wonderful assortment of publications. I always love looking through them. It's eye candy for the artist soul, and of course I like to read them too.

Mother Nature

 On another note, I introduce to you my newest painting "Mother Nature"!
She is already in my Etsy shop.
I used the quote form Erin Hanson 
"What if I fall?
Oh my darling what if you fly?"
 for my inspiration.

I'm kind of still walking around in lala land and probably will be for a few days, so for now I'm going to get lost in my new magazine.