Hello everyone.
I want to give an update on what is going on with my shoulder. First of all I can't believe March is almost over and I have not made anything new for my Etsy shop. I'm getting anxious because I want my shoulder to get back to normal. I had the shoulder surgery a month ago. I'm still going to physical therapy. They added two more weeks of PT because I still do not have full range of motion.
FYI I had a "frozen shoulder".

I did not explain in my last post what I had, but that's what it is.  I don't know what I did to to get a frozen shoulder, but that is what I have. It's my right shoulder so it's been hard to paint, sew, clean house, sleep, just about anything because I'm right handed.

I never heard of a frozen shoulder. My daughter laughed when I told her. She was like" I'm not sure you heard the Dr. correctly, that does not sound like such a thing." But believe me it is a thing and it's common especially for women getting on in years. Not going to say how old I am because I can't believe I'm really that old. LOL. I hate it.

The worst part is, this has been going on since last September. And now I hear it could take a year to get better. However, I do feel better. I most definitely had malaise for a long time and did not really realize it.  That feeling is gone now because I'm seeing and feeling progress. Yea!

I'm taking a new art workshop so watching tons of videos. I love taking classes to get inspired. I'm taking Wyanne's Making It Big. She is such an inspiration, so glad I found her. I really needed her perspective so I don't feel so dang sorry for myself. If you don't know anything about her, she is a cancer survivor. Here are some links to her blog, website, etc. if you want to find out more about her and her art.

I have not actually started anything from her class yet. I wish I had something new to show.
In the meantime staying positive and living in the moment.

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