I'm Still Here

Oh where. oh where have I been?
It's been such a long time since I have posted here.
I've had so much to deal with and yet not much happening.
The last six months have been hard to say the least. I hate dealing with pain...physical pain!
I'm so tired. It wasn't enough just to have my knee scoped...I had to have my shoulder scoped too.
The pain in my knee is nothing compared to the pain in my shoulder.
This chronic pain is for the birds and now I'm going through physical therapy.
Thank God for Tramadol.
I don't think I knew what pain was until now. The stabbing, pinching in my shoulder feels like someone took a pair of scissors and jabbed them into my scapula, and I would like to take pair of scissors or a knife or just about anything and jab that into my shoulder to dig out the pain.
It's pretty pathetic.
I sleep a lot.
I try to do art work when I can. Mostly I lie in bed and doodle.
Before the pain got so bad that I could not lift my arm up over my head,  I did do some intuitive paintings.
This one is dedicated to pain. It's called "Pain Killers".....You have to use your imagination.

This next one is another intuitive abstract. I never know where the painting will lead me. It's called "Left Behind".

I'm still here, just not full force. Three more weeks of physical therapy and then who knows. 


  1. I hope your pain goes away soon. I can relate to your drawing "Pain Killers", i like it.

  2. Wow!! So sorry to hear that!! Sending Hugs and Prayers!! If you need anything let me know and when your feeling better we need to get together!!