Boy it has been crazy lately. Too much drama going on. I'm not too interested in the next challenge at IMT. It is optical illusions. I don't want to spend time on a subject that my heart is not into. I'm doing more at MADatc. It is a fun group and all, but I need to focus. I really wanted to take the online class with Paulette Insall but missed it. Now I'll have to wait untill who knows when.
I have numerous unfinished projects that need attention. My sisters and I need to clear out my moms house by the end of February. We moved her into an assisted living home a few months ago. Now we need to sell her house to pay for the new living arrangements. I do not think we will make it. Plus there is no way we will be able to have any contracts written up by then. I just hope the people who want to buy it will understand.
There is drama going on at MADatc which I think is silly but I'm new, so I have nothing to say about it.
My friend is mad and upset with me. I'm very tired of it. Everything has to be about her. She has to be the center of attention but does not realize it. She is also very controlling. I think I'm just going to let this one slide. I'm not going to get involved. I will let it go a few weeks and see if she is still mad then. I really hate drama. People get too offended about the silliest things. Life is too short. But I find myself constantly dealing with unhappy people. And it is usually the same ones.
Now that I got this downer out of my system maybe I can get some work done. I want to post something fun and silly to lighten it up. My dog Max always makes me laugh. He does not try to be funny. He is just a funny looking dog. He is part lab and part basset. Get a little giggle from this silly dog Max.

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