Places ATC's

Here are some of my ATC's for MADATC. I'm staying with the theme places. These are for my friends in the collage group. The liberty collage I did earlier inspired me to do these. I love Paris so could not resist doing the Eiffel Tower. I'm from San Antonio and felt the Alamo is a good representation of my city.


This week Mixed Media Monday's theme is places. New York is one of my favorite places to visit. I want to go back. The statue of Liberty is an awesome site. So here is my entry and tribute to Lady Liberty.

In My House There Is Sunshine

I did this last week for the prompt at Dans Ma Maison il ya but I did not finish it in time. The challenge was to put a sun in the house. I'm usually into collage and mixed media, but thought I should practice drawing since I'm doing the faces class. I think it is appropriate for my life right now. Lots of good things going on and I could not be happier. Even though I worry and feel I don't have a direction or style of art, I am happy. I got some wonderful encouraging comments from all of you and I am thankful. This is my artful journey which is exactly what I want to do, and where I want to be. Change is scary, but mostly it is needed to grow. Sometimes change is so small it is hardly noticeable. I can't believe I am posting my drawings. I would have never shown them before I started blogging. I was too embarrassed to let anyone see them. I am so amazed at all the talent. I just decided to throw myself out there. All in all I was shocked. A lot of people liked my silly little stick figures. Go figure. Little by little good things happen.

Memory Glass Pendants

This weeks challenge at IMT is to find art in the every day.
Here are some memory glass pendants I made. I think jewelry is art for the every day. It's a form of self expression. What you wear tells what kind of person you are. So here is some art for the everyday. Wearable art. And by the way they are for sale at my Etsy shop. This French Lady collage, Annie Oakley collage and The Little Girl on the Moon.

(Sold) French Lady Pendant


I am so excited to be taking the "Faces" class with Paulette Insall. I received my class list yesterday and can't wait to go shopping. It will be starting in a couple of weeks. She is a wonderful artist. I am so drawn to her paintings. I love the simplicity of her style. I have been wanting to draw and paint faces for awhile now. I feel my style of art is so cartoon like. You can see this in my doodles. There are some things you can't teach yourself, sometimes you have to get help. This is the case with me. Paulette has her work cut out with me.
Which brings me to the subject of change. Sherry at Espri' d Art has been commenting about change on her blog. I feel the need for change. I get bored pretty easy. I am all over the board with my art. I started out making mosaics and that turned into jewelry making. I did this for a few years. But I always felt it wasn't enough. My sales on Etsy have been poor. The reason is I'm just not into it anymore. But I feel like Sherry in that I really don't know what to do next. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I have been blogging and journaling to help me find a direction. I think I'm just practicing and learning. I'm trying to soak up as much as I can. To do what... I do not know.

Listen to your Heart

Here is the digital version of my previous collage. It's the same French Lady used in the Romance collage. These are the same scrap papers I used in Romance. I had the foresight to scan them in to the computer before I used them up. I love the scrolly brush. I actually made that brush myself for photoshop.
I think she looks like she is listening for something.....maybe her heart.


At Mixed Media Monday the challenge is to try something new. I did this last week and think it is appropriate.

My latest collage. It's not prompted by any blog theme. I wanted to use different elements like fabric and jewels this time. It's something new for me. I love the image of the lady. She is so romantic. I think the colors turned out really well.
It's a bunch of layers of ink and gesso on top of scrapbook paper. The chandelier is not as prominent as I hoped but I think the dreamy feel is there.
I'm pondering doing this in photoshop. I scanned in the scrapbook papers and they work fantastic in photoshop. I'll never look for digital papers again..
I cant believe I did not know to do that. Now I have to figure out how to scan in and use elements.
My head is spinning with the possibilities.

Mon Amie

Here is my entry for Dans ma maison il ya
and Inspire me Thursday. I was to use metal in my house at Dans ma maison il ya and use purple and orange at IMT. So here again I did two prompts in one. The picture is a little dark. The orange is not this harsh in person. I soldered all around the house and made it into a tag instead of placing my house on a canvas.
I just might send this to someone.