Altered Art Journal Letter C

C is for cook or chef... also for comfort food. I did not realize how many good yummy foods start with c. And I can't believe I forgot chocolate. I love chocolate. I'll add it later.
It seems like I'm so behind on my blogging. I got another award from my friend Sherry at esprit d art last week . I am so honored and excited. I will spend the next few days working on that one.
I was gone Thursday and Friday. I was visiting my sisters and mom. They live in a small, small town in Texas. My home town and where I grew up. I'm sure no one has heard of Yoakum Texas. It's kinda out in the middle of nowhere. My sister V. teaches yoga at the fitness center in Yoakum. She was asked to fill in for the Zumba instructor for the summer. YES..... Zumba... in Yoakum. So I attended my first Zumba class. I think it's so funny. I have to go all the way to small town Texas to attend a Zumba class. I really never heard of it before. I'm sure it's nothing new, but I work-out at the local Gold's gym in San Antonio. They do not offer Zumba. But anyway a girl from Venezuela lives in Yoakum and started the Zumba classes there. She is gone for the summer and asked my sister to fill in until she comes back. It is a very fun way to exercise, if you like to wiggle your hips and dance, neither of which I can do very well at all. I guess I'm really behind the times because I have to go back to the sticks to get informed with whats hot and what's not. God help me.


  1. Come on now, Yoakum isn't as out in the "sticks" as many might believe. After living in the Washington, DC area for over 20 years, my wife, family and I picked up everything and moved to Yoakum ... and no, neither of us are from Yoakum (I'm from Midland originally). We love it! After living in the Urban cesspool for far too long, Yoakum is a breath of fresh air. We've found that wonderful folks her to be grounded, very much down to Earth ... and yet very open-minded, however always keeping what's right and what's wrong very much in sight.


  2. Culture in "the sticks"!! Honey the only Yoakum I ever heard of was Dwight...but it sounds like a mighty fine place -- especially if they offer yoga and zumba!

    I will admit quite freely that I have never heard of zumba and I live in a BIG city (Toronto) -- but it sounds great -- wiggling hips and something I could actually do -- AND it's exercise!! You've turned me on to something new that I am going to look into Charlie!!

    Love your journal page -- C is for Cookie always reminds me of Sesame Street and the Cookie Monster song as sung by Cookie and Candace Bergin! -- I love cookies too!!

    Hope you are enjoying the painting said you started over because of the darkness of the skin tone -- that's why I'm doing a practice piece first and working out all the kinks before attempting a good copy -- which I will probably do after classes are finished.

  3. Love your journal page. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's nice to know you're the same Charlie from class! Thanks for saying hi.

  4. Its a lovely altered art journal you're working on here. I'll come back to see more!