This has been a great class. I am learning so much from Paulette. She is a great instructor. If you do not know I am taking Paulette Insall's face painting class online. I will probably want to take her organic backgrounds class also. I should have done the background class first like everyone else, but I usually do everything backwards anyway.


  1. They both have such great eyes. Can't wait to see the finished pieces. I took the backgrounds class from Paulette and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think you did a great job with yours even without the class.

  2. Charlie, these are looking fantastic!! I haven't yet painted my eyes and I have to watch class 4 still. Regular life has been incredibly hectic and my whole schedule is "off". One of the best things about an on-line class is the ability to do it when you can.

    I'm really pleased you are enjoying this class as much as I am and I'm really loving what you've done so far!