Ou est mon amour?

Ok here is my third canvas...my third attempt at face painting. Paulette is really a great teacher. I loved her class and will miss it. I hope I can remember everything she taught me. If you want to see the finished results of my 1st painting it is on my flickr account. I have not finished number 2 because it is so similar to number 1. I'm having a hard time deciding what to do different.


  1. FANTASTIC Charlie...I still have not ventured into faces very much...but boy would I love to...Where did you take the class????
    To find my mail address...press on my profile page...and go to CONTACT ME and there it is....Easy as 1 2 3...
    Keep up the wonderful work...can't wait to see more!!

  2. She's beautiful! Love those ruby red lips.

  3. Oh c'est fantastique Charlie!!! You did so well in this class and I'm so thrilled to see the challenge met!! You're inspiring me to finish what I've started...I keep saying that and I love the emails you've sent, especially the last one. Once my children are back at school I know I'll have time to do this and if I have questions I know I can ask you!!! ♥