Thank you Pattie for this cute award! I am very honored. Just look to the right and visit all my favorite blogs. I honor them today. I have so many therefore I can't just pick a few. I start in a much better mood. I realize how much I need to create. I worked on my altered art journal and it is coming along great. It's amazing how the simple little act of painting can make me feel so much better. I was in such a funk the last couple of days because I spent too much time blogging... I know I'm addicted to it but too much is too much. I have to get in my studio and create at some point. Yesterday I finally pulled myself away from the computer and pulled out the paints. And wow what a difference it has made.
Now I have to go outside and secure all my hangy things on my back porch just in case we get some high winds from Ike. We are not in his direct path any more but we'll probably get lots of rain and wind. That's what they are saying on the news anyway. Hurricanes have a mind of their own. Who knows we may not get anything from it. It's better to be safe.


  1. YOU so DESERVE this award...
    I have come thru this week with the belief that the "funk" is there to point us in our direction...and all we really have to do to get out of it...Is listen to the message that it has....I have been listening to mine...and am feeling a growth of sorts that perhaps I was not welcoming or looking at from the right angle!! Thanks Charlie...Always good to see and hear from you...
    From one flying heart to another!!

  2. bad hurricane! And, congratulations on the heart blog award!


  3. Do you know I agree with you 100% -- sometimes we get sidetracked and caught up in "other" things when all we need to do is be still and allow ourselves to create. It takes us to such a peaceful place.

    And ♥ -- you deserve this award!!

  4. art does help so much!! And yours is awesome!