Time Flies

It seems the only art work I've been able to do lately are these sketches. It is a good thing I enjoy drawing these girls in my journal each morning, or I would not have anything to show.
I'd like to use her in a painting. These are my intentions of course. I still have the task of trying to make the painting look like the drawing.
I don't know where the time goes. I spent most of the morning trying to change the look of my blog. All I wanted was a simple little background change and before I knew it the whole morning was gone. It gets really frustrating after awhile. With the help of a blogger friend, at least I figured out how to get it done.
This afternoon I worked on the next entry of my altered art journal. I'm using magazine cutouts to collage the background. I thought it would be so neat, but at this point I'm not so sure. I should probably wait until I learn some of Paulette's techniques. The backgrounds class starts next week.
It will be fun. The only thing I worry about is I don't want my work to look like a copy of Paulette's. It is so hard to come up with your own style. I'm trying to learn and grow as an artist by taking classes and expanding my horizons. But at the same time I feel I'm just going to look like a copy cat.


  1. Charlie..
    Be gentle...Be kind to yourself...You will find your style AFTER you learn the techniques...then you will start finding new techniques...and right now your girls look like you drew them and no one else...
    You are doing a beautiful job with them ...

  2. I love her eyes.

    Don't worry so much! You are an artist and you will find yourself doing something different than the class and Paulette is good about telling you to experiment. You will pick out different papers, stamps and paint colors and it will be your very own work of art. Just relax and enjoy the process.

  3. Oh, and I so know what you mean about trying to play with the look of your blog. I work with computer software all day and it still takes forever to make little changes. I like the torn paper you picked.

  4. I love this girl's eyes!! I hear you on not wanting to be a "copy" of someone else...which is hard when you take someone's class...their style is "there" and we pick it up. Just remember that you have your own unique style and your own way of doing things and once you have learned any technique you can change it and adjust it to suit you.