Journal Page Letter O

I'm doing these next pages in my altered art journal a little bit differently. I'm working on 3 at a time. Plus I started yet another journal, a watercolor journal for Pam's class. Maybe it is too many to keep up with because I have a travel journal that I started last year. Now I can't decide which one to take on my trips (the watercolor journal or the travel journal). Obviously this one here Letter O and Letter N are not finished. I've just added the collage elements, more to come later.
We saw "Slum Dog Millionaire" yesterday. What a great movie! It better win best picture of the year! I really loved it and recommend it to everyone. You will cry and cry. It will make you feel so blessed and thankful. I will never complain about anything ever again. I heard The Wrestler is really good too.

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  1. Keep as many journals as make you happy..and when travelling? Take whichever one is speaking to you the loudest!!

    I must add this film to my "to do" list -- it sounds like something that will make me feel gratitude..that's always a good thing!