Altered Art Journal Letter M

I am doing a journal page every day as inspired by Misty Mawn. She has suggested self portraits. As I said in my previous post the first try was a mess. I am working on my altered art journal which is an abc journal about me. I am on letter M. It became obvious to do a self portrait of me. I did not sketch from a photograph. I used a makeup mirror instead. It resembles me, minus a few wrinkles. Teehee..I'll just leave those suckers out. I tried to work fast since the challenge is to do one a day. I could not get it done in one day. It took me most of yesterday to do. I worked on it for about four hours intermittenly. I did'nt get too fussy with the background. I have to say this has been a fun challenge, but I don't see how some can do one a day. I guess I'm slow. I think it is funny how so many of us wear the same oblong glasses.


  1. You did a beautiful job...I also want to start doing these self portraits with Misty. I haven't started yet...maybe tonight!

    Very nice...and I, too have similiar glasses!

  2. You should put a picture of yourself next to it so we can compare. ;-) Great page and portrait!

    I like the glasses and want some. Mine are oval shaped.

  3. What a *great* post! I understand the frustrations and the good times, too.
    Say, I have those very same glasses -- What the...? I wore Round rims until someone told me I looked like Harry Potter! Yikes!

    Charlie, the colours in this page are so lush and dreamy, too. Makes me want to take up Misty's challenge as well. LOL.
    Take care!

  4. Char I love your portrait you did a great job...not sure I could do one in one day either. I do paint everyday, but have so many challenges going on that I haven't joined in the fun with Misty...have been thinking about it tho!!!

  5. Fantastic job Charlie! My glasses are shaped like yours :)

    Beautfiul colors too!


  6. Loving your 'Misty Challenge' page! Your backgrounds are beautiful and can so relate to your most recent post. It's part of the journey, we are inspired by other artists and then find our own way of expression. That is the way of art. The Masters still inspire us:-)