Tag You're It

I've been tagged by my friend Candace. Thank you very much my dear. This is hard. I had to dig deep to find something interesting about myself. To tell 6 different facts about myself that most people do not know. Then tag 6 other bloggers.
Here are the rules.
1. Link to the person who tagged you (as I did with Candace).
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell 6 things about yourself.
4. Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them.
5. Go to each person's blog and leave them a comment to let them know they've been tagged.

I know I must have some goofy quirks about myself that I can tell you. I don't want to get too personal but then I don't want to be too generic either. Here we go:

I think I'm weird. Does that count as one?

Here is one. I laugh a lot, maybe too much because I laugh when I'm nervous.

Sometimes I say the stupidest things and wonder to myself where in the heck did that come from. I did not mean to say that.

Here is something a little generic I have curly hair but straighten it, go figure. You know how it is. You're never satisfied with what you have.

I'm a Libra. I see both side to everything therefore I have a hard time making decisions.

And number 6 is I love to go to the coast (which is what we call the beach here in Texas) but I don't like to swim and I don't like seafood. Well....I don't mind getting wet but I really don't like being in the ocean with all those icky creatures.

Here are my tags. Tag you're it. You lucky dogs.


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  1. Geebus, I'm the first one in! Thanks for the tag, Charlie. Now, just to show you how high I hold you in esteem: I did this tag last week on my life blog, but for you I will do it again. I didn't tag people in particular last week, so I will do it this time...if I can find 6 peeps who haven't done it, that is.

    Oh, and hey, you can come visit me, I'm on the coast (and you are correct, we do say coast...it's not ALL beach, LOL).


  2. LOL. Good for you. Love that you love the beach/coast but don't swim and don't do seafood. I had a friend who loved oranges but would not eat orange flavored anything and would not wear orange. mmmm... yep, she should definitely be tagged.
    Have a great great weekend, Charlie!

  3. How fun~
    Thanks for visiting me, I will do this tomorrow, my eyes are crossing for tonight. Isn't the class fun? I will look you up over there too.
    Have a great weekend~

  4. I've finally done mine. I do the laughing thing too.

  5. Hi!
    I have come to say hello via Candace's blog. Your six things quite reminded me of myself-I am a Libra, love to go to the coast, say the stupidest things, laugh a lot and sometimes think I am weird! Great minds think alike!
    Sarah :)