Just another doodle journal page. Mostly I'm practicing lettering and etc..etc... I have redesigned my Etsy Banner. I've reduced the price of my memory glass pendants. My letter charms will be expiring soon and I will not list them again. I'm working on things to put in my shop. Hopefully I'll get some of the new items listed soon. It is taking me longer than I thought. But you can't rush creativity. So in the mean time just keep on keeping on.


  1. You can rush creativity..but then it's usually a "hash" job and why would anyone want to make a hash of their beautiful work?! So I'm with you -- no rushing the creative juices!! Looking forward to seeing what you are working on and getting ready to list.

    I like this doodling by the way -- I love how the dove works in with the squiggles and the flow of the lines...excellent concept there Charlie!

  2. oh my! this is "just a doodle?"

    looks fabulous!!


  3. Oh I love this! So excellent and I love the way you just doodle along, taking your own sweet time and sharing the good stuff that flows from the source.
    I agree with you. No rush!
    You're making some wonderful progress with the lettering, etc.
    Your Friend in Athens

  4. Ohhhhhhh I love Jackson Browne! Great song :)

    I am loving your "doodle"...the colors are dreamy!

    Have a lovely week Sweetie,