Lighten Up

Have fun! Sometimes I find that I am way too serious. I have to constantly tell myself to lighten up. If we can learn to laugh at ourselves we our so much healthier. We are happier too. So with that said here is the latest journal page. It certainly did not start out to say this. Just start doodling and voila thoughts become more apparant.
On another note, when do you stop....? When do you say it is finished? I find I go back and back and keep adding and doodling to old pages that I thought were finished. I know I could add more to this page but I wont.
And now on to another note.....I finished my latest painting. I'm so excited. I am debating if I should post it or not. I am also torn about what to do with it. I feel it is to big to sell on Etsy. I have a problem selling my originals, meaning I do not want to let them go. I have never tried to sell my originals. I cant let them go. They mean too much to me. My poor Etsy shop is sitting there idle. Umph!


  1. Oh Charlie, you should post your painting just to let us see it, even if you do "hang on" to it. Look at that journal bit you put up here! Fantastic!
    As for vampire crazes, they circle 'round every 10 or so years. Yes I do love them and I am totally smitten with the new Underworld flick. (That Lucian makes ME howl and claw at the turf... lol.)

    So put that painting up and good on you for finishing that! Have a great great weekend.
    Your Friend in Athens.

  2. Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for the good luck on my store. I really appreciate it.

    I so love of your work, its so inspiring and colorful. I second that you should post your painting and I know how hard it is to list an original. I haven't done it yet, but I will soon. They are stacking up....haha.


  3. Nice thoughts on the journal page. I was just blogging about that kinda same thing, it makes me not collage as much as I want because I'm afraid I will overdo. Weirdness.

    Happy Day o Love!


  4. You know I love your philosophy...did you also know I love Barry White?!?! ooohh that man can make music!!

    I'd love to see your latest painting....I hope you'll show & tell!!

    And when do you know it's "finished"? For me, I just seem to stop...and when I've gone "one too far" I know it too...I think it's instinct. And listening well to that inner voice.

  5. Oh Charlie! Your journal pages are fantastic! I haven't visited in a while and have just spent time looking at all of your new posts. I'm a HUGE fan of your artwork and would love to see your newest piece if you're willing to share. I can see why you don't want to give up your originals.

  6. I can imagine it's hard to give up your original paintings. Can't wait to see it though. Your journal page is great as always.