Collage Sheets

This is one of the collage sheets I've been working on. I'll do some shameless advertising here. I listed them on my etsy store. I said I've got my hand in too many mediums, but this is where my creativity has lead me. I got this idea and decided to run with it. It is an alphabet collage sheet. I revamped an element I loaded in my photo editing program and thought it would make a nice set of letters. I made the complete set of the alphabet. It is in pdf file but I can send it out in jpeg too. The best part there is no shipping charges. I did two other collage sheets also. It has been loads of fun to work on. I'm still into my painting and journals. I'll never give that up but this was a nice diversion.


  1. Brava to you Charlie, for going where the muse takes you -- where you creativity seems to want to go is the route to follow. Your sheets are gorgeous!!!

    This is bizarre..the song you're playing today is "rain". My word verification is


  2. I noticed you started selling collage sheets. Love what you've put together. I have a few that were given to me and one day I may actually figure out how to use those things.