Before And After

What a sight for San Antonio! Frozen water fountains!!!! Temperatures stayed in the 30's for three days straight. Or at least it felt like it. This fountain sits in front of one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. The manager forgot to turn the water off and left it running all through the night. We all thought it looked pretty neat.
Top photo is manipulated a little bit in photoshop. What do you think?

This photo here is the original photo. I was not too thrilled with the way the picture turned out. I did not like the background. It's so hard sometimes to get the shot you want. There is always something in the way. I played in photoshop adding all kinds of filters and textures and nothing was coming out right. I stared over a few times and then I decided to do something simple like take out the items I didn't like. I took out the column and the small gray box. I added a textured background...but not sure that did helped much..... and fiddled with the gradient tool. That's about it. I think top photo looks better.


  1. This photo is great! My mom was in the hospital for a couple of weeks and there was a fountain there that gradually became more and more frozen until it was completely solid. Living in Atlanta; I've never seen anything like it!
    BTW, LOVE the new look of your blog!

  2. *clapping* Oh Charlie, I love the photo! Isn't Gail's class fun?

    Your Blog great...I love the background and you banner is fabulous!


  3. The top photo IS better -- you were able to create your own art piece out of what you saw...removing those pieces that took away from what it was you wanted to highlight. Brava!!

  4. You Southerners! No one thinks about things like frozen water pipes and busted fountains :D (wish we didn't have to!)

    Great job on the photoshop work! The top picture is so pretty! It's a work of art!

  5. well done!! the top picture looks sorta magical to me ... like something out of alice in wonderland say ... love the depth of the colors and man ... you are getting real good!!!

  6. Either's freakin' cold in Texas. Kinda envious regarding your new class. I so want to learn photo shop and can't figure out what's stopping me...I'll work on it. Good job Charlie

  7. Wow, first off, that's amazing how cold it was there and what a sight to see!

    I love what you did in photoshop, really fabulous! I've been swimming in tutorials so I can create cool things for my new bus. but I haven't learned how to remove items from the background - what a wonderful tool!

    The final shot is gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful frozen in time, I love it! It is so cold but so worth these moments. Elaine