Charlie Studio

Left side with easel and scraping supplies

Here is my main work station in my little studio. This is where I spend most of time. I thought I'd share my studio with everyone so you could see where I work.
I love my little studio. I'm so glad that I have this space all to myself. It's not much, probably not bigger then most people's closet. It's nice to have a place where you can leave a mess and shut the door so no one else has to look at it. And believe me, I'm a messy worker. When I get in the creative mode.....things are flying. I don't put anything back. Piles and piles of paper everywhere, bowls of water, dirty paint brushes and stamps seem to multiply as I work. I don't like to clean up until I'm finished.
I would like to clean it out, but I'm going to wait for warmer weather. I'm not sure I'll change it much. I thought of going to IKEA to buy all these matching shelves and desks but I really like my old antique y stuff. Much more character.

My grandmother's rocker.

There really isn't enough room for this rocker but I really like to sit in it when I need a break. I make the most of my space. You would not believe all I have in this studio. In the back is a rack for all of my scrapbook papers. Hanging from the ceiling are my funky chandeliers. Which I love. I used to have a string of Christmas lights hanging in the greenery. They eventually died and have not replaced them yet. Some of my older paintings are displayed on the wall.

The other side of my studio...what a mess!

On this side I have an old 50's dinette table courtesy of my antique shop days.
I sew here and I solder my broken china jewelry. You can't see them but to the right I have most of the vintage china stored in the cabinets. The rest of my tiles and mosaic collection are in the garage. On the left side wall , I painted the Eiffel tower. I even have an Eiffel tower lamp sitting next to the TV. And..... I even get cable back here...boy I'm spoiled!
My computer is set up in the office in the house. It's hooked up to a docking station with the printer and the other peripherals. This is a pain because each time I want to print something out I have to go inside.
Here is my shadow. Of course he has a bed in my studio. He has one in almost every room in the house. He follows me everywhere. In the summer the door behind him opens up to my back porch. I leave it open then and he can come and go as he pleases. Needless to say he and I both like warmer days better. I can't leave the door open during this cold weather and we are having some nasty cold this season. I hate it! Can't wait for the warmer days.
So this is where I work. I feel I'm very blessed to have this space. I have not always had this room. I used to work on my kitchen table. I had to move everything out of the way each evening. Now that was a real pain. I know I'm lucky to have this so that's why I thought I'd share some photos. I know a lot of people don't have this luxury. And then again I'm sure some of you have much nicer studios then mine. I'm happy with mine. Now all I have to do is get in there and go to work.

Happy Creating,


  1. you have a great studio charlie!!! i also love the vintagie look of it :) i love the blue on the wall. i think after you clean and do it up a little it will be fabulous :)) you have such a cozy place for a studio and thanks for sharing it with us :) now i can actually visualize you making art each time i think of you or see one of your pieces. :)) and i like that ... being able to visualize your face and now, visualize you working :))

  2. I love your private studio space!! You've made use of everything and yet it doesn't feel cluttered or crowded! I love the colour on the walls and I love the painted Eiffel Tower...girl you are so very, very talented (but then we already knew that!!).

    I work as you do -- things flying, things all over the place and I don't want to clean as I go -- I wait until I am finished and then do it all at once!

    Thanks for've given me some ideas for my own work area!

  3. How lovely to share your work space with us. I have dreams of a studio but not fulfilled yet... someday... I use the dining table. Every once in a while I clear it up (usually when we're expecting company), otherwise it stays covered in art. If it's not too bad I clear a space for my son and I to have dinner; if not then we sit at a foldaway picnic table I put in the kitchen. Tonight though we went out for dinner! It was his reward for being 'star of the week'!

  4. Oh. My. God. What a *fantastic* space for this wonderful artlife you have. And that Max...! Well, my heart just melts.
    Say, it is 16 degrees here and we have a snow prediction of 3 inches this Thursday. WHAT??? When it's like that, I am with you and Max.
    So glad to see this gorgeous blog again. Off to play catchup now.

    Your Pal in Athens.

  5. What a fantastic space...and it's all yours. You can do anything you want with it, in it, to it...the possibilities are endless with your creativity. Lucky You!


  6. I LOVE your work space, especially the mismatched quality of it! I think IKEA stuff has a purpose and a place, but your studio furnishings seem like they spark creativity!
    It's funny, big or small, we artists seem able to carve out our own little corner for arting. When all I had was the dining room table, my supplies still had a place of honor, that shouted, "I create!"
    So, in my opinion, clean all you want, but don't change too much in this wonderful creative nest you've built.

  7. Love, love, love your studio Charlie, it's fabulous!! The color is wonderful and all that art on the walls - totally inspiring!!

  8. Hi Charlie. I like your studio very much. It looks as though you are quite comfy in there with everything at arms reach. I have a tiny room for mine, as well and I am like you and feel very blessed to have a space for my creativity to be unleashed. It's a space of my own and I have it pretty well organized. I have a mish mash for a decor but like you , I like it that way. I love your dog. My dog, Chance is my shadow. He follows me everywhere. He too has a bed in my art room, my bedroom and our living room. It is funny when I turn around and there he is. Thank you for sharing. You have inspired me to do a post on my art room. I have some things to put away but hopefully I can get some shots of it this weekend.
    Hugs to you! Have a wonderful weekend,

  9. What a creative space you have! I love the blue walls, so calm and soothing!