A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

"My Entry for Inspiration Avenue's Weekly Challenge"

The theme this week at Inspiration Avenue is "A Pocket Full of Sunshine".
I decided to do a page in my art journal which is something I have not done in a while. Working in my journal is so relaxing. I try not to put any pressure on myself and let my muse take over. It really felt good to get all messy with paints and ink again. Then as I worked the magic started to happen. The colors that came through told me I needed a fairy in a garden. I had visions of Tinker Bell throwing her magic dust everywhere. She became my own personal Fairy who brought sunshine and flowers and magic to my life. Wouldn't it be fun if we all could have are own Fairies who would bring us pockets of sunshine?


  1. You just threw a pocketful of sunshine my way -- it's drab and deary here this morning and your journal page has brightened my morning considerably!!! ♥

  2. What a lovely magical thought - a pocket full of sunshine dust! Lovely page. I really want to do some more journalling myself - just never enough time!

  3. This is so beautiful Charlie!

    I am back up and running since my old Gateway Notebook caught that nasty "Storm Worm Virus" last week and it ate my entire hard drive. I lost everything. I now have a new Dell Studio 17 laptop, new Internet Security and a huge supply of data sticks to put my work on so this never happens again. If you don't have your work backed up, please get some data sticks and do so. I would hate to have this happen to anyone.

    I am back in the saddle and catching up on Blog visits this morning!


  4. Lulu so sorry your computer got that nasty virus.
    I bought an external hard drive last year at Office Max...it really wasn't that much and holds tons of stuff. My computer died last year and luckily I started backing up before it died. I guess I had a premonition.

  5. A pocket full of fairy dust is such a lovely thought! I love your journal page ~ it's magical!

  6. Oh Charlie, She is magical. I love your submission this week. SO very pretty.

  7. i think this must be the happiest page!! i think the sunshine dust is working :) love the positive colors and this is such a joy to look at :)

  8. I love art journals, and I love when you start a painting and then inspiration takes over from nowhere! This is beautiful Charlie, great interpretaion of the theme!
    Angie x

  9. This is probably my fave from the week, I love the colors and the composition of flower, fairy and script- so pretty!
    BTW, I really like your new blog background, especially the banner.

  10. You've nailed this one! Magic in the air...I'd love to look at your whole art journal.

  11. Love the colors Charlie. Although it's usually sunny here, it's been raining non stop today and probably will the whole week. I've been nesting all day...yeah for me! Have a good one!


  12. I saw this submission and immediately fell in love with it but didn't have time to stop and comment before now. Your ACEO is just gorgeous - love it!!