Inspiration Avenue Challenge My Town

Howdy folks....I'm from San Antonio Texas.
This was all my idea. I'm the host this week at Inspiration Avenue. I thought it would be fun to find out where we are all from so the theme is "My Town". Go to IA Blog and check out all the entries.

There are many  famous landmarks  in San Antonio other then these the Alamo and Spanish Missions, the Tower of Americas and the Riverwalk but those are so common. I wanted to enter something that most people have not seen. Theses boots are in front of a large mall  located on a very busy expressway. To me they exemplify what most people think about when they think of San Antonio.


  1. HOLEY MOLEY charlie!!!! now that ... sums up texas, even for me, who live a day apart of you!! what a splendid image of your town!!

  2. I agree with Luthien - great choice of image - sums up my idea of Texas perfectly! Got to love cowboy boots!

    I love the challenge theme this week - was a great idea :)

  3. That's a wonderful image for San these boots!!!

  4. Oh wow what a great image from your town.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. That is SO cool, I've never seen this before!

  6. Wow, Charlie, everything IS bigger in Texas!!

    I love this image. So playful! Those are some stompin' boots!

  7. great big pic, charlie! wow! i've seen these before! this week's theme is taking me down memory lane. way long ago when i was in the army reserve, i used to go to sa for training! what a gorgeous place it is!

  8. Charlie...this is fantastic...It's what I imagine Texas to be....BIG!! Love it!


  9. Exactly how I imagine Texas! You did a wonderful job as host (applause) I am sorry I didn't get an entry of those weeks that just got away.

    I also enjoyed the little art tour :)
    Thanks, sweet and Hugs :)