Luminaria Arts Night In San Antonio

 Saturday night was Luminaria Art Night in downtown San Antonio. It was my first time to go. I enjoyed it but thought  the organizers could have put the stages a little closer together. It's only the 3rd year in existence, so maybe they will improve it in future years.
This event includes all types of art, singing and dancing, glass blowing, poetry reading ,all types of music, laser light shows, tons of activities for kids and of course food and drinks.
 My friend and I did not find the food until we were ready to go home. Darn!.. but I guess that was a good thing.

My favorite part was these guys pictured here to the right. 
Husband and wife art team Holly Hein Brooks and Bryson Brooks did a performance piece in which they painted each other painting each other.
"Married with Paintings"
They were dressed so artsy. Definitely what I visualize when I think of  artist.

I'm sorry I did not get the name of the art and artist who painted the top picture. I guess I'm not a very good reporter. I just love taking pictures. All in all it was a fun artsy evening for me and my friend to attend while our husbands watched some pay per view fight.


  1. Sounds like an amazing event...and next year you'll know about the food!!!

    I think these two artists are incredible..this is what art is to me too -- and how I "see" the outer appearance. I'm getting myself a Harpo hat!! xxox

  2. I wish I lived closer to an area that had things like this...that is why I can't wait to move back home as soon as the Commander finishes his tour of duty and we sell our house. I miss doing things like this. We are waaaaaaaaaay out in the boonies so this would be a real treat for me!


  3. hey charlie :)
    what a fun fest!! you must be soooo inspired! i know i would be!!! ideas inspirations ideas flying everywhere :)

    oh btw ... you've been tagged in my blog :) it's quite a fun one... play along if you wish to ok :))

  4. This type of thing is right up my alley...perhaps you should be involved with the group that puts this together...I'm sure your input would be welcome and I know you'd have some great putting the food in a central place...I'd know I'd like


  5. This was great to see aspects of Luminaria I don't get a chance to visit when I'm stuck over in our section of Glass Alley. There's never time to break lose to see the rest of the event and it looks like so much fun.