Bluebonnets & Wildflowers

This is one of the best crops of bluebonnets in years. The winter weather conditions were conducive to producing an enormous amount of bluebonnets and Indian Red Blankets and all the others. It is absolutely beautiful to drive around and not just in the country either.. They are on the highways in our huge metropolis. You don't have to go far to see them. Spring is so awesome! I love it.
I hope you can enjoy them here. These pictures really do not do them justice and they smell so wonderful too. Happy spring everyone!


  1. What a stunning sight to see!

    It's so awesome how each part of the country has its own special "flora and fauna"! We don't have bluebonnets, or if we do, not in that profusion. Spring is amazing! I hope everyone is enjoying it!

  2. I saw your comment on fb and I though, I bet she has pics...sure nuff'. Gorgeous...makes me wanna go to Have a good one Charlie!


  3. This year the wildflowers are just exploding aren't they... just beautiful

  4. The bluebonnets are gorgeous! My heart did a flip when I saw them. I grew up in Texas and there is nothing like a field of bluebonnets!!